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UPDATE 3/26/17: I have earned a total of $210.33 at OfferNation since joining less than 2 months ago! Join now!

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Join FusionCash today! Simply join, confirm your email and get a $5 signup bonus!

​​Who else wants to STAY HOME and make Money?

I joined Offer Nation on 1/30/17 in the afternoon and cashed out over $7 by the morning of 1/31/17! You get 25 cents for joining and you can cash out with as little as $1! Join NOW!

That's right folks! It CAN be done! All you need to do is complete paid surveys for cash! You can make some extra cash for the holidays, a trip, or virtually anything you want! If you are dedicated and sign up for the five sites below, you can easily make $50-100 a day!

Below you will find a list of sites I use. Sign up for all of them and fill out the profile for each so the company can email you surveys which are relevant to you. Don't get discouraged if you are disqualified for any survey. Get over it and move on to the next one. You will not qualify for every survey.

Stop wasting your time joining programs and promoting them in "hopes" of getting rich! It ain't gonna happen folks! The only way to earn an income is to work for it. Start working smarter and stop working harder!

Here are the steps you need to take to get started:

1. Set up an email ONLY for your survey sites. This way you will never miss an email inviting you to a survey! Gmail is a preferred email client by most sites.

​2. Sign up for a Paypal account if you do not already have one. Most sites will pay via Paypal, gift cards or Prepaid Visa or Mastercards.

3. When you sign up for a survey site, immediately confirm your email address and fill out your profile.  This way, the site can send you survey invitations that match you and lessen your chance of getting disqualified.

Here are the BEST sites to get you started:

​1. Fusion Cash: Free to join, they give you $5 to join and the minimum payout is $25. They pay the 20th of each month for the month before if you earn $25+ and cashout. Your earnings expire 180 days after they post. You can also earn $3 a month just for posting in the forum! Lots of surveys to be had as this one. You also get 1 cent if you are disqualified from a survey! If you look at the FusionCash banner at the top of the page, you will see what has been paid to me at the top and total earned at the bottom. I started at FC in October 2016 so you can see where I am as of today. Not bad for just one site! I would join this one first.

​2. SwagBucks: Free to join. You can earn a 500 SB bonus for joining now! Each SB is equal to one cent. You can earn daily at this site by answering surveys, watching videos, shopping, etc. They pay in Gift Cards as well as Paypal. I bought most of my Christmas gifts at Amazon with my earnings from here lol.  I would join this site second!

​3. InboxDollars: Free to join, they give you $5 to join and the minimum payout is $30. You can request a payout once you receive $30+ and it takes 1-2 weeks to get paid via Prepaid Visa. You can earn here by doing surveys, offers, watching videos, doing web searches, Spinning Billy's Spin and Win, (you get a free spin for every survey you get disqualified) paid emails and much more! I would join this site next. 

4.Mintvine: Free to join, you get 200 points when you join and complete your profile and minimum payout is 1000 or $10. You can earn 5 points everyday just by logging in and doing the daily poll. You also get 25 points when you do the daily poll 10 days in a row! This is a fun site with fun surveys and great offers. I would join this one next.

​5. YouGov: Free to join. Yougov uses a point system and you earn 500-1000 points per survey. The surveys are fun and short. The only time I do a survey here is when they email an invitation to me which is 1-2 times a week. Minimum cashout is 20,000 points. You can't make much at this site, but it IS fun to take their surveys. I recommend this site for the fun surveys.

These are my top 5 survey sites. Join my Facebook page at the top right to stay on top of newly found sites. Also, when you like my Facebook page, you can download a list of 110 Paid Survey Sites absolutely FREE!